Tofu Press Sheet / Tofu Center

With our company’s [Tofu Press Sheet], tofu is used as an ingredient for sushi, giving birth to an original delicacy.
This sheet, which molds healthy tofu for eight pieces of pressed sushi, is an original product of the company. The tofu used is firm tofu. This firm tofu loses its moisture when pressed for a long period of time, but still retains the original flavor, making it light and healthy.
Since the moisture has been squeezed out, this tofu will last 90 days, longer than regular tofu.

The original light flavor of the tofu matches with various ingredients.
[Tofu Center] is used for sushi rolls and offers a variety of flavors, including plain, sukiyaki, and mapo tofu. Tofu is used as an ingredient for sushi rolls, creating a unique treat.


2 pieces (per piece 85 g)

Nutrient composition (analysis value of Per 100 g )

energy protein lipid carbohydrate sodium
126 Kcal 13.1 g 6.4 g 4.1 g 26 mg

Freshness date

90 days

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