Fried Tofu Mochi

Fried Tofu Mochi is a tofu rice cake created by kneading glutinous rice flour with the tofu and deep-frying it.

These bite-sized rice cakes are about 10g, making it good for digestion and can be eaten easily. The high-grade proteins from the tofu and carbohydrates from the glutinous rice flour make it an ideal food for boosting one’s energy.

Cook for about 15 minutes until the texture becomes sticky.

It can be used as an ingredient in various types of cooking and can be eaten in many ways, including hot pot, stir-fried, and soup.
It can be stored frozen, extending its shelf life. (6 months (7 days if it is refrigerated after it was defrosted))


1 kg

Nutrient composition (analysis value of Per 100 g )

energy protein lipid carbohydrate sodium
285 Kcal 7.2 g 6.4 g 49.7 g 28 mg

Freshness date

180 days (7th after thawing)

Price (FOB)

¥1,410 tax included (1 piece)

The number of lots

The minimum lot: 8 case (8 packs per 1 case)

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