Greetings from Top Management of Tajimaya

Our motto is “Manufacturing and Supplying Quality Tofu is our pleasure”

We at Tajimaya Foods Co., Ltd. as a food maker have been producing fried bean curd and tofu for over 50 years.

豆腐を切り分けるIn recent years, a ‘health food’ boom has been on the rise in Western countries and Japan. People are so interested in foods made of soybean, especially soybean protein. As well as producing tofu and fried bean curd, we are also working hard to develop some new and unique products which contain soybean and soybean protein.

We are dedicated to the development of unique and healthy foods which will help your food life style by using the natural benefits of soybean and our experiences over the last 50 years.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kosaku Nakashima
President and Chief Executive Officer

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